IEEE / ESMO – September 12th – 15th Columbus, OH

“ESMO is the premier event for electric utility professionals, contracting, construction and consulting companies who are interested in the hands on solutions for the engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the world’s power delivery systems.” Event Page

Indoor Exhibits

Monday and Wednesday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center – 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio

Be sure to visit the manufacturers we represent to see some of the greatest innovators in the industry:

Booth 205 – Classic Connectors

Booth 211 – Rapid Rail International

Booth 303 – Hughes Brothers

Booth 313 – Preformed Line Products

Booth 502 – Sediver

Booth 503 – Laminated Wood Systems

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Outdoor Exhibits / Demonstrations

Tuesday and Thursday (transportation provided from the Convention Center to AEP’s Bixby Station outside of Columbus)

Our Manufacturers’ Demonstrations:

Classic Connectors – a Haverfield Aviation crew will install a ClampStar connector from a platform attached to the aircraft.

Laminated Wood Systems – demonstrating wood pole reinforcement using the PoleEnforcer Spliced Reinforcement System.

Preformed Line Products – demonstrating solutions to conductor motion caused by Aeolian vibration and galloping.

Sediver – Inspection of HV line insulators and applications of RTV coated glass to avoid washing.

Full list of Outdoor Demonstrations

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