Not all lines represented in all territories

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(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

ECP Utility

Utility grade anchors, “SAM” Smart Anchoring monitor and solar panel foundation systems.

(New England, NY)

Federal Pacific

Padmounted switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear.

(New England, NY)

G&W Electric

Gas and solid-dielectric switchgear, reclosers, automation packages.

(New England, NY)

Howard Industries

Distribution transformers, voltage regulators.

(New England, NY)

Hughes Brothers

Distribution line materials.

(New England, NY)

Kunz Glove Co., Inc.

Leather protectors and work gloves.

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

Laminated Wood Systems

Unguyed angle poles.

(New England, NY)

Nordic Fiberglass

Fiberglass box pads for transformers and switches, sectionalizing cabinets and pedestals.

(New England, NY)

Preformed Line Products (PLP)

Conductor Hardware, Cable Anchoring, FIBERLIGN – Fiber Optic Hardware & Closures.

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)


Medium-voltage XLPE cable, bare overhead, service cable, copper cable.

(New England, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD)

Uticom Systems

Labeling products, tags, warning signs, compliance monitoring.

(New England, NY)


Mechanical and compression connectors for overhead and underground distribution applications; hydraulic cutters and crimpers.