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(New England, NY)

ECP Utility

  • Utility Grade Anchors, “SAM” Smart Anchoring Monitor

(New England)

Federal Pacific

  • Air insulated switchgear—manual or automated. Medium voltage dry-type transformers

(New England, NY)

G&W Electric

  • Wind tower load and fault interrupting renewable energy switches designed to fit within the access door of the tower
  • Padmount load and fault interrupting switchgear designed and approved for interconnection with the utility grid
  • Reclosers designed to provide overcurrent protection at the interconnection with the utility grid permitting an economical alternative to circuit breakers
  • Current limiting protectors designed to protect both the utility grid from excessive wind farm fault contributions and the wind farm from any massive utility grid fault currents

(New England, NY)

Howard Industries

  • Medium Power Transformers – up to 60 MVA / 230kV
  • Voltage Regulators – Distribution and Substation Class
  • 3 Phase Step-Up Transformers
  • Single Phase Substation Service Transformers

(New England)

Hughes Brothers

  • Transmission Line Materials

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

Incab America LLC

  • Fiber optic cables (OPGW, ADSS)

(New England, NY)

Laminated Wood Systems

  • Laminated Poles / Structures, Switch Structures

(New England, NY)

Nordic Fiberglass

  • Fiberglass box pads for transformers and switches, sectionalizing cabinets and pedestals

(New England, NY)

Preformed Line Products (formerly DPW)

  • Ballasted and Traditional Roof Mounts
  • Ground Mounted PV Systems to fit all size requirements
  • Roof and Polemounted PV Systems

(New England, NY)

Preformed Line Products (PLP)

  • Conductor Hardware – Armour Grip Suspension (AGS) units and Cushion Grip Suspensions (CGS)
  • Conductor and Anchor preformed wire grips
  • OPGW and ADSS Storage, Closure and Hardware accessories

(New England, NY)

Rapid Rail International

  • Permanent & Temporary Anti-Fall Systems

(New England)


  • Substation connectors and fittings

(New England, NY)


  • Toughened Glass Suspension Insulators

(New England, NY)

Southern States LLC

  • Disconnect Switches, Line / Load & Circuit Switcher, Capacitor Switching Devices

(New England, NY)


  • Medium Voltage (15kV -35kV) XLPE and EPR cables
  • Overhead Bare Conductors (ASCR, AAC, AAAC and ACSS)
  • 600V URD Products
  • Substation Control Cables
  • 115kV & 230kV XLPE Power Cables

(New England, NY, NJ)

Uticom Systems

  • Tower and Cable Marking, Warning Signs