Not all lines represented in all territories

C&I High Voltage > Manufacturers Represented

(New England, NY)

ECP Utility

  • Utility grade anchors, Smart Anchor Monitors and solar panel foundation systems

(New England, NY)

G&W Electric

  • High-voltage cable terminations

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

HICO America

  • Medium and Large Power Transformers, MV and HV GIS, Statcoms, SF6 Breakers, Oil Filled Reactors, and Battery Storage

(New England)

Howard Industries

  • Distribution oil / FR3 filled transformers– polemounts, 1-phase padmounts, 3-phase Padmounts. All American made / UL Listed
  • Power transformers and unit substation transformer through 60MVA

(New England)

Hughes Brothers

  • Transmission line hardware

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

Laminated Wood Systems

  • Mono-Pole and H-Frame structures
  • Telecomm and “Joint Use” poles / structures

(New England, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD)

Meyer Utility Structures, LLC

  • Engineered steel structures for utility transmission and substation applications

(New England)

Powercon Corp.

  • Custom quality metal-clad switchgear

(New England, NY)

Preformed Line Products (PLP)

  • Conductor hardware (Standard and THERMOLIGN High Temp Hardware), Vibration Dampers, FIBERLIGN – Fiber Optic Hardware & Closures

(New England, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD)

SAS Substations

  • Packaged Substations
  • Substation bus. connectors & electrical components

(New England)

SBS Battery Solutions

  • Substation battery and charging systems

(New England, NY)


  • Sediver offers innovative toughened glass insulators with mechanical ratings up to 170,000 lbs for both AC and DC applications

(New England, NJ, PA)


  • Connectors and fittings

(New England, NY)

Southern States

  • Disconnect switches
  • Circuit switches, line/load switchers, and capacitor switching devices, reactor switching

(New England, NY, NJ)

Uticom Systems

  • Labeling products– tower marking / cable ID
  • Customized signs– aluminum, polycarbonate, and porcelain for rail and substations

(New England, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD)

Vanguard Electric, LLC

  • ANSI Post-Type insulators & hybrid insulators

(New England, NY, NJ, PA)

Walker US

  • Equipment for high pressure & self-contained fluid filled cables