Compression Deadends and Splices for ACSS high-temp Conductor from PLP

Preformed Line Products (PLP) is pleased to introduce a more complete transmission package, with their enhanced line of compression products. PLP now offers compression deadends and splices for high-temperature conductors (ACSS) along with the standard compression products for ACSR.

Features of this product include:

  • Utilizes a two-stage compression process, requiring compression of a steel component around the steel core, and an aluminum component around the aluminum wire.
  • Able to withstand higher temperatures, up through 250⁰C that are required for ACSS conductors.
  • Compression of products can be completed with industry standard presses and dies.
  • Deadends and splices meet ANSI requirements for holding strength of 95% of conductor RBS.
  • Jumper pads and various hardware configurations available.

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