Easy Splice Repair

We are excited to announce the development of the new ClampStar 1631 unit is complete and ready for purchase! This new unit will satisfy customers with a need to accommodate large diameter conductors sized from 1272 Bittern to 1780 Chukar and up through 2000 kcmil Cowslip AAC. The 1631 unit utilizes a radically different design that’s sleek and lighter weight than previous ClampStar units.  Remember, ClampStar transmission class units are designed to protect and thermally uprate connectors to meet N-1 contingency conditions as well as continuous service.

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With ClampStar®, failing splices are repaired with NO power interruption and splice replacement is no longer necessary. ClampStar® installs in a fraction of the time, usually with one man and a hot-stick. No mechanical grips, come-alongs, jumper cables or cutters are needed. And ClampStar® meets ANSI C119.4 Class AA is extra heavy duty and restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on weathered conductors.

There’s no need to cut power or lines and it easily installs over the existing splice. ClampStar® also increases ampacity allowing for system up-rates and is significantly safer than traditional splice replacements. ClampStar® is available in both rigid and flexible versions to accommodate various cable diameters for both transmission and distribution applications.


Quick Facts

– Installs in less than 10 minutes on energized lines

– Decreases total installation time by 70 – 80%

– Easily Installs over existing connectors

– No mechanical grips, Come-Alongs,  jumper cables or cutters needed

– Installs with a hot stick or barehand


Please contact us at sales@power-sales.com for more information.


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