A Leader in Renewables

Products – DPW Solar has a full-line of reliable, field proven, racking systems for pole mount, roof top and ground mount applications.  DPW’s mounting systems continue to out-perform in harsh environments on stadiums, airports, retail stores, schools, universities and commercial buildings worldwide.  See youtube clip –

Engineering – DPW has a full staff of engineers that support product innovation but more importantly, you, the customer.  DPW’s products are wind tunnel tested and (where applicable) fire test certification (see website for details).  We work daily with  consultants and customers to develop full layouts and offer possible money saving alternatives.

Market Presence – DPW Solar has been providing field proven racking systems since 1993.  Please keep that in mind.  This was long before micro-grids or distributed generation became household names.  We are the one steady force in the industry.,

Backed by a Proven Industry Leader – PLP acquired DPW Solar in 2007.  Since that time, the company has taken incredible strides into the Electric Utility Industry.  Together, we offer a combined company that knows and, more importantly, understands the Renewable, traditional C&I and Electric Utility world.

U.S. Company – with manufacturing in Albermarle, NC and engineering and support in Albuqueque, NM, DPW Solar can offer quick turn-around times on technical issues and products.


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